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Thank you for your interest in Riverdale Country School! 





We will be meeting to discuss the 2022-2023 Title I Plans and how to use the $17,719 we will received.  


Please come to our Comprehensive Needs Assessment Meeting on May 25, 2022 at 8:30 am OR attend it virtually.  


The links for the Title I Framework Evaluation PowerPoint and Surveys are just below if you would like review the PowerPoint and provide some input this way.  The PowerPoint is an "ongoing document" and will be updated through June as we receive more input and opinions.   

It is hard to believe this school year is ALMOST OVER!   This means time for FSA, FSAA and End of Course (EOC) Testing!!  It means final exams with early release AND it means the final days of school for the 2021-2022 school year!

Never fear - ESY is here!

June 1st - 30th

8:30 am - 1:30 pm 

Focused mainly on Reading and Math


For all of those you may have missed the Zoom Meeting Relax and Chat here is the link where you can catch the recording:


This link also has recordings of previous meetings too!

  1. Parents, Guardians, Community Supporters, Staff and Students of Riverdale Country School!

The links on the right side of this page lead to some very useful and interesting information.  It is a quick and easy way to get to the Free and Reduced Lunch Application and an amazing amount of resources available throughout Brevard County. 


May 11, 2022

The end is nearly here believe it or not!  It has been a good year for Riverdale Country School with our students making good academic gains!!  Using i-Ready assessments students progressed 22% in Math (though only 5% achieved grade-level expectations) so we met our goal of 0%-10% halfway!!  This is still a significant achievement for our students!!  Using i-Ready assessments 2 students progressed 11% meeting the goal of increasing grade-level expectations from 2% to 10%.  We will use i-Ready and IXL next year and perhaps purchase additional physical books for students to read. 

Please see the 

The top tab on the right is the link to this year's Webinar Series for Parent with Students with IEPs.  There is a webinar each month between September and May. 


They are recorded, so please feel free to go back through all the tabs for the year and listen to the topics of interest to you and your family!  Remember, there is a tab to the far right on the Webinar Link for "Transition Services".  

We received some parenting pamphlets that have some useful information on how to help your student at home and with school.  They can be reached by clicking on the words at the top of this page.   We will send them home periodically throughout the year.

Thank you very much for

supporting Riverdale Country School!

Please follow the link below to complete a Free and Reduced lunch application even though all students receive breakfast and lunch at no cost for this semester.   The information on the applications helps Brevard Public Schools obtain more Federal and State funding for students in Brevard County, including our students at Riverdale Country School. 


Don't forget to check out the tabs across the top of the page for additional links to Title I Information, Parenting Pamphlets, Transitioning information, Newsletters and more! The "More" section is dark, but when you scroll down the various page titles will light up for you to select.

FSA Results Questions? Call Shannon at 728-2856


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Janet Arenella, Risk Manager / Records


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