The goal of Riverdale Country School is to prepare our students to have a successful academic career.  We work to provide the interventions and services needed to assist our students to make safe and effective choices throughout their school day.  The ultimate goals for all of our students includes successful transition to a less restrictive environment, graduation from an accredited high school, and post school personal and professional success.

Riverdale Country School provides an instructional program

that adheres to the standards and requirements of the State Department of Education and the Brevard County School Board.  Curriculum and instruction are designed to help each student master grade appropriate academic, vocational, and social skills through a variety of traditional and research based innovative approaches.


We believe that students with academic and social deficits learn best when challenged  in a non-traditional environment offering a variety of instructional models.  By tapping into the appropriate motivational strategy for learning, each student has the opportunity to maximize academic advancement and transition back into a less restrictive school setting, post-high school education, and/or independent adult living.

Curriculum/Behavior Connection

We First Ask:

  • What do students need?

  • How can we meet those needs

We Don't Ask The More Conventional Questions:

  • How do we get students to do what we want ?