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What's Next After Riverdale? 

Many of our students remain at Riverdale Country School for several school years, while some are here for a relatively short time.  We understand parents and guardians are unsure of where to go once their student completes their program at Riverdale Country School so we have provided some links that may help.  These links are for information only - Riverdale does not participate in or pay for any services once our students leave Riverdale.

All students at Riverdale have their own IEP, an Individual Education Plan, that begins to discuss the possibilities ahead for each student as they near graduation or will age-out the day before their 22nd birthday.   Transition plans, questionnaires, etc. begin when a student is around the age of 12.  

Ideas and information on transitioning into life after leaving Riverdale also come from the conversations staff have with parents and guardians during planned weekly contact calls, parent visits or just general phone conversations.  Ideas can come based on the student's individual abilities and assessments.

Outside providers, Speech and Language or Occupational Therapists also have resources they can share.  In addition, Terry Maston, Resource Teacher and Transition Services at Brevard Public Schools can give some valuable information.

Attached are some links we hope will help you look towards the future and begin your own planning. The Brevard Public Schools link to "College and Career Information" has several sections of graduation requirements, checklists for college and career planning, admission and application information, financial aid, NCAA information and a section for juniors looking to head for college.  

Should you have questions, or would like to learn more about options for your student please contact us at the information below:



Our office hours are:

Monday - Thursday from 8:15  am - 3:45 pm

Fridays from 8:15 am - 2:45 pm

Janet Arenella, Risk Manager / Records

Shannon Boyd, Assistant Director


Rocio Dean, Education Coordinator

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Check out this year's "Lunch and Learn Webinar" series.  Click on the green link to register for it.  It is titled "Understanding Resources Available to You". Be sure to click on one of the small tabs right above the Webinar Schedule that say "PreSchool", "K-12" and  "Transition Services" for various date optons.  The "Transition Services" link may have additional webinars more specific to students transitioning out of Riverdale.Watch for information coming regarding representatives from Vocational Rehabilitation here at Riverdale in February 2022 to  present information to families and students about what is out there beyond their high school years.  These representatives can discuss options for our InD / ASD students as well.